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6 Fall Home Improvement Tips

By ajsgutters

6 Fall Home Improvement Tips

Falls remains a wonderful season of experience in Houston, TX, whether with family or alone. When you step outside or look through the window, you witness leaves carpeting the ground and your lawn if you have one. During this season apple picking and pumpkin-spice, everything is the norm. The weather remains cool and perfect for outdoor get-togethers. Hence, it remains the right moment to improve your home and keep it in shape.

Below we have highlighted 6 effective tips to help you keep your home in its glory during the falls.

Close The Cracks

During the falls your wall has a big chance of soaking in water through cracks, hence, colder and loss of generated heat. To avoid this, it is wise you head to your local hardware store and purchase the materials needed to seal the cracks on your exterior walls. These cracks include those opening created to allow your pipes run.

Check The Gutter

Checking the gutter should be done before falls hit, this is to help you ascertain if your gutter needs repair, change, or cleaning. During falls, regular cleaning is needed to prevent leaves clogging your gutter. However, if you do not like the idea of cleaning your gutter frequently, you can check for a new gutter with a leave prevention guide.

Repair The Roof

You should check the roof for any damages caused by rain, wind or old age. If there are any damages to the shingles, have them repaired by professional roofers before falls kick in.

Paint The Exterior

During falls, with a lot of nature’s children filling the street and cool weather chilling our homes, it is recommendable when you add a bright hue to your exterior. You can paint the walls of your home after repairing the cracks. Your doors will also look beautiful and better when painted. This effort will give your neighbors and visitors a good view to feast their eyes on while approaching your lot.

Check The Plumbing

During the falls the last thing you need is your water freezing due to an improper insulation of your pipes. Hence, to avoid this, you should check your pipes and water lines, and have them wrapped properly with insulation materials. If the water lines are dirty or in need of cleaning, have them cleaned to prevent clogs and the backups that comes with it. Also, you should disease from using outside storage before the weather becomes too cold. Your hoses should be disconnected and made dry, and your outdoor water stored inside.

When you do all these, you will experience a nice autumn season without having the issue of water leaking out from your pipes, or pipes freezing over, which is less task to handle and more time to enjoy the season with your family.

Change The Ceiling Fans Position

If you utilize a ceiling fan, then during the falls you can boost the heat in your home by reversing its position. How you go about it is by turning the ceiling fans position clockwise during the cold months. When you do this the fan will push the cool air up and the warm air out, thereby, ensuring that you enjoy a more temperate autumn.

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