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commercial_box_gutterWhen looking for a contractor to work on your home/business, most people know that the contractor should be insured. They may not always understand why this is important. Reputable companies generally advertise that they are fully insured. Contractors that do not carry proper insurance are often cheaper, but should anything go wrong, the liability and costs falls back to the homeowner/customer.

Being insured means the contractor has provided proof of general liability insurance. Which this covers property damage losses caused by the contractor or as a result of the contractor’s work. If someone gets hurt or injured while on the job, and the contractor does not have the appropriate insurance, this claims then gets filed against your homeowner insurance.

Don’t be a victim of dishonest contractors. Some contractors may offer to bring you a copy of their policy; this is an old trick of the trade that you need to be aware of. They start paying for the insurance policy at the beginning of the year, and after they get the policy, they stop paying for it. For the rest of the year, they make copies of their policy to show customers that they have insurance when really they are actually uninsured. Be sure to call the contractor’s insurance agent to verify the certificate is in current standing.

A.J.’s Seamless Gutters is fully insured for your protection. Here’s a copy of insurance and feel free to contact our agent with any questions.

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