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After a period of cold weather usually associated with the winter period then comes the warm weather. Millions of homeowners are usually busy with the task they had left behind during the cold weather period. Most of the time, individuals are usually busy with arranging the pantry or scrubbing floors. During this period, a lot of homeowners do not have the time to be climbing a ladder to clean their gutter, or they tend to overlook the importance of cleaning it. Cleaning your gutter during spring might be a daunting task, but its importance cannot be overemphasized. Some of the reasons why you should clean your gutter this spring includes;

  • It Helps to Protect Your Gutter

It is not surprising to find leaves, woods, debris and dirt clog your gutter during winter and spring storm. If this is not cleared on time, it may lead to clogging of your gutter which in turn will damage the edge of your roof due to its weight. Failing to clear your gutter during spring will lead to unforeseen expenses and damage instead of a simple cleaning.


  • To Prevent Foundation Problems

When the gutter of your home is left uncleared, water will be unable to flow freely, and this will lead to water flowing over the edges and the exterior of your home walls and down to the ground level flooding not just your basement but also pooling around your foundation until the ground can absorb it. Remember that too much moisture in the foundation will weaken not just the foundation but also mold and mildew problems. To prevent these situations, which may affect your home resale value, it is important to clean your gutters.


  • Helps to Prevent Wood Rot and Keep Out Pest

This is one of the major reason why you should clean your gutter. When your gutter is left uncleared, it results in the rot of your home soffits, eaves, and fascia boards. Cleaning your gutter during spring and regularly helps to prevent such because clogged gutters are usually a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

With spring fast approaching, it is important to schedule a time for cleaning your gutters. For homeowners with busy schedules, you can contact us at A.J.’s gutters and take advantage of our professional but affordable gutter cleaning services. Always remember that regular cleaning of your gutter will help to prevent clogging of your gutter, preserve your home paint, and help prevent health problems.


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