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Considerations for Hiring a lawyer for Contractor Disputes

By ajsgutters

Considerations for Hiring a lawyer for Contractor Disputes

You may think you would never need a lawyer, yet there are those times and circumstances where it might be best to have one. For instance, if you and your home contractor or in dispute. What considerations do you make when choosing one? How do you go about choosing a lawyer when there is so many? We have a few answers for you.

First, ask around for a recommendation. It may seem in this digital age to just jump on the internet first, but it is best to ask people you know first before just doing a random Google search. Ask friends, family, and neighbors if they know any good lawyers that have helped them or someone they directly know out. If that doesn’t work out, try texasbar.com and search for a lawyer that matched your specifications. Whether it’s the site or recommended to you, always Google their name afterward to see what come up.

Another consideration is the size of the firm.  Law firms range from 1 person offices to large firms with hundreds of lawyers that handles large amounts of cases at a time. Larger firms are usually the ones that take on larger companies, cases and government cases because they have a larger amount of resources. Smaller firms offer more personal touch and one on one time.

When you have narrowed down your choices, ask for a consultation. Essentially you’re interviewing the lawyer. Ask about their background, if they have handled cases similar to yours, how easy it is to contact them, and how often they will update you on the process. Make sure you have a clear summary of your case and provide any documents to support your case. Ask who specifically will be handling your case. This is also the time you get your cost breakdown. This includes hourly, fees and any other costs.

When you decide on a lawyer, make sure they draw up an agreement that has everything in writing. Read it thoroughly and ask any questions BEFORE signing the agreement.


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