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Garden Irrigation Watering System Made by Rain Barrels

By ajsgutters

Garden Irrigation Watering System Made by Rain Barrels

With the advancements in technologies, experts these days are looking for new methods to ease the process of garden irrigation. Scientists reveal that resources on this planet are reducing day by day so it is better to use them creatively.

What if we can use rainwater to benefit our garden, home, and community? That will definitely be a great idea. But how you can implement it? The only answer is using Rain Barrels. A.J.s’s Gutters Houston have found the perfect solution for your garden irrigation needs. Below we have highlighted few details about what are rain barrels and why they are the best choice for the garden irrigation system.

What are Rain Barrels?

Rain barrels are the containers that help to capture rainwater falling from the roof and can conserve it for other needs. These barrels are capable enough to store around 50 to 80-gallon water and it further has a spigot that can be used for filling water cans. It also has a connection to soaker hose that eases the irrigation process for busy garden owners. These rain barrels can store enough water to maintain your big garden and yard area with ease.

Benefits of using Rain Barrels for Garden Irrigation Watering System:

  • It can save money:

The biggest benefit of using rain barrels for irrigation is it helps to save money on water bills. Reports say that around 40% of residential water in the summer season is used for lawn and garden irrigation. These rain barrels can help homeowners to save around 1300 gallon water that can ease the burden on city water supply as well.

  • Good for the health of soil and plants:

Experts reveal that tap water contains fluoride compounds and inorganic ions that can cause harm to roots of the plant and can kill the essential microorganisms in the soil as well. On the other side, rainwater is free from such additives and can keep your soil clean from salt build-up. Hence, you will naturally have healthy vegetation in your garden.

  • Can save you from runoff issues:

Rains barrels are also effective enough to reduce the runoff that is often caused by heavy rainfall. The runoff is the biggest trouble for garden owners as it takes away soil, oil, fertilizers, and pesticides from landscapes and hard surfaces. Rain barrels are the best solution for minimizing the runoff pollutants from gardens.

Professionals at AJS Gutters can help you to find the best solution for rain barrels in Houston. You can contact them now for instant assistance for your garden irrigation watering system.


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