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How a Clogged Gutters can damage your home

By ajsgutters

How a Clogged Gutters can damage your home

Cleaning home gutters might not seem like a crucial task, but gutter cleaning is the best way to protect your home from the damage that comes with clogged house gutters. Home gutters are designed to carry the water from rain, and other refuse away from the house. However, when your home gutters fill with silt and other debris and become clogged, you need gutter repair Houston because otherwise, you leave your house vulnerable to the following problems.

How can Clogged Home Gutters lead to Home Damage?

They can weaken the Home Foundation

Clean gutters prevent water from dripping onto the foundation. Without gutter cleaning, gutters become clogged, water easily overflows them, spilling onto the foundation and pooling on it. The foundation then becomes weak. From a positive standpoint, it takes time before that can happen. However, your house could suffer from mold before developing a weak foundation.

They damage the Landscape

Once water starts spilling over clogged home gutters, gardens plants start dying because of the excess water. This, in turn, ruins the landscape of your home.

Clogged Gutters can ruin the Roofing and Siding of Your Home

When people skip on the gutter cleaning and allow debris to build up in their gutters, they risk damaging their roofs and housing sides.

Water cannot flow through clogged gutters. Instead, it piles towards the roof or pools down the sides. Long contact between roofing materials such as fascia and water leads to leaking and warping of the roof.

When the water goes down the sides instead, it leads to deterioration and discoloring of the sides, particularly when the sides are made of wood.

Want to protect your home from the effects of clogged home gutters? Contact professionals in gutter repair Houston today. It will save you further expenses down the line.

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