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Three Reasons why your home needs gutters

By ajsgutters

Three Reasons why your home needs gutters

Gutters can add style to you home, yet did you know about why you home needs gutters besides it adds to the look of your home. Here are three reasons your home needs gutters.

Saves Your Foundation

The soil around your home’s foundation contraction and expansion is typically the cause for foundation failure.  After a rainy period, the soil right around your home expands when it becomes saturated. During the summer, when it dries after the rain, the soil contracts away. This cycle compromises the foundation, leading to masonry walls cracking, doors sticking and all other kinds of problems.

A gutters system directs the stream of water that comes down from your home during rain away from the soil right at your foundation. This keeps a more consistent moisture level in the soil right at your foundation.

Staining of Brick Walls or Siding

Rainwater cascading off an un-guttered roof will hit the soil with enough force to cause backsplash. This throws up dirt, grass, and other containments onto your brick walls or siding. In now time at all this can cause stains to the exterior of your home and those stains can be very hard to remove.

Damage to your Landscaping

Your plants, flowers mulch and other landscaping can suffer if you do not have a gutter system in place.  If they are under the drip line, this could mean the plants and soil become over-watered, and can lead to fungus, ants, and termites.


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