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Using a Home Gutter and Drainage System to Save Your Yard or Garden

By ajsgutters

Using a Home Gutter and Drainage System to Save Your Yard or Garden

Some owners have gardens outside right where the gutter water drains off.  This can lead to soil washing way, bugs and mold. There are some extra steps and measures that can be added to your home gutter system that you, the homeowner can use to prevent this from happening.

One quick way is to have installed splash guards below the open gutters so that water can find the right way to flow away from home. This technique is not effective for areas that are affected by the heavy waterfall near gardens and yards. The best solution to all these problems is to install a well-designed Houston gutters drainage system so that rainwater can be directed away from your property. The task must be completed after proper planning and the best idea is to take help from professionals as they can provide best suggestions based on their experience. Note that, the simplest method to direct this rainwater is to connect your drainage system pipes to the sewer system of the city but legally this is not possible in all cities so it is good to confirm the criteria first. Otherwise, homeowners need to identify the lowest area in their property so that it can serve as drainage outlet but make sure that you are not creating trouble for your neighbors.

Few builders prefer to install black corrugated pipes for the home gutters drainage system outlet but they use to be weak enough so cannot bear heavy flow of water. Also, they use to be little difficult to clean when getting clogged. Professionals recommend installing high-quality SDR 35 or Schedule 40 PVC pipes. The Schedule 40 PVC pipes use to be thick enough so they are suitable for inside home installations; these pipes never create leakage issues as their joints are fixed with solvent welding. On the other side, SDR 35 pipes do not have thick walls but they also fall into the category of strong pipes. In order to ensure safe seal on joints, it is good to select male and female ends for connection. For points where you need to make a 90-degree diversion for the flow of water, it is good to use two elbows of 45 degrees instead of using only one with 90 degrees. It will help to maintain the smooth flow of water inside so that cracks and leaks can be avoided.


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