Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!  Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!

5 Steps To Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

Cleaning your gutters may seem like an easy job to put off, but these channels are actually vital to your home’s health. Gutter installation is done to move water away from the home. A working gutter prevents mosquitoes, stops erosion, and protects the structural integrity of your home’s foundation.

Gutter cleaning is an important yearly task for homeowners. Here are five tips to keep those gutters working right and to avoid needing gutter repairs.

Clean your gutters once a year

Gutters need to be cleaned at least once a year, but preferably twice a year in the spring and fall. If you’re only cleaning your gutters once a year, it’s best to do it in the fall after the leaves have fallen off of the trees. Wait for a dry stretch of weather, as gutters are easier to clean when they’re dry. Wet leaves will stick to the bottom of the gutter, making them difficult to remove.


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