Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!  Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!

Are Home Gutters Installation a DIYable task

A lot of homeowners who are trying to save some money try to do as many projects as they can as DIY (do it yourself). So, when it comes to gutters, are home gutters installation a DIYable task? The answer is yes and no. Yet in most cases, it is better to get a seamless gutter company to do the work for you. Let’s look at why it is better to have a gutter company in most cases do your gutters.

Reasons Why It’s Better to Have a Gutter Company Install Your Gutters

When you go to most hardware stores to buy gutter material, they will sell it to you in 10-foot sections. This is fine if the job you are doing is 10 feet or less. If you have a longer run, let’s say 35 to 50 feet, this can become a challenge. As you put the gutters up themselves, the brackets can sag over time, causing some sections to become uneven. This can cause some drainage issues and for the gutters to not work properly as there can be some leaking at some of the joints.

Seamless gutter companies and contractors own the machine that makes the actual gutter. The machine rolls and forms the seamless gutters. Meaning that in a 50-foot stretch of roofing where you’re trying to install your gutters, instead of having 5 10-foot sections of Gutters with joints and seams that can leak over time costing you in home repairs, you have 1 50-foot section of gutters that have a reduced chance of drainage leakage.

Also, because it is one continuous piece of gutter, they look nicer and give your home better curb appeal looks over any DIY gutter project. This is a big consideration if you are looking to sell your home at any point in time over the near future. The cost of seamless gutters is actually pretty reasonable compared to the material cost of buying the 10-foot sections as well as any down spouts.

Another consideration is if your home is a two-story. You will need to work on ladders, and it is best to have at least two people on the project. If you fall off a ladder, that could spell trouble for you. Gutter companies are insured and bonded, so they are insured against on-the-job accidents like falling off a ladder.

So, when is a gutter installation a DIY-able project? In short, when the area you are looking to install the gutter is less than 10 feet. You still have to consider the cost of the downspout, but it may be worth it in the end to do it yourself.

There is more to it than saving every last nickel. Sometimes you have to say that your time is worth more doing the things you enjoy like family and time off. You have a weekend for a reason. When you are looking to hire a gutter company, make sure you get plenty of references and they are licensed and insured. Make sure you get a written estimate with the dollar amount per lineal foot.


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