Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!  Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!

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A.J.’s Seamless Gutters provides rain gutter cleaning and maintenance services for houses and buildings in the greater Houston area. In fact, routine gutter maintenance is critically important for proper flow to downspouts.

The main role of a gutter system and downspouts is to channel water away from your roof and your home’s foundation. When working properly, gutters are very effective at doing their job. However, if a gutter gets clogged up by dust, leaves and dirt, it can completely stop the drainage which can lead to bigger problems down the road.

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year (which is enough to keep them from overflowing from all the leaves often found in gutters) or when you notice damage. An overflowing gutter is the first cause of basement water damage and cracks in foundations. It can become costly for homeowners who neglect their gutters. With our priority scheduled gutter cleanings you can enjoy our year-round customer care. Leave the worry to us and put the Genie to work in your home today.

Why Gutter Cleaning?

Gutters are designed to control the flow of water away from your home, preventing a list of problems. Here are the 4 most common issues that can occur due to clogged gutters.

Roof Damage

If your gutters are clogged with ice, it can lead to problems. Namely, if the water is not properly draining during freezing conditions, or if you have frozen water in them from a prior freeze, the water will turn to ice and cause damage to gutters and drainpipes. This is a big problem because when water freezes, it expands. This causes the gutters to expand and crack, and can also lead to your roof’s shingles cracking. The ice can also lead to additional weight being held on the roof, which can then lead to the gutters collapsing or even worse – parts of the roof crumbling in.

Cracked Foundations

When water is allowed to settle around your home’s foundation and freezes, it causes frost heave. This can cause severe cracks in the foundation wall.

Insect breeding ground

Free-standing water and debris-filled gutters are a paradise for several species of insects. Mosquitos, wood-destroying insects, wasps, and even termites can live inside your gutters and find their way into your home.

Rotten Wood

Moisture build-up can lead to a moist environment inside of your house, which can then lead to damage. This will worsen if we ignore the gutters to collect water, because the rotted area will slowly spread from there on.

Call the Gutter Cleaning  Experts Today

If you have a home in Houston, Richmond, Katy, and Sugar Land, gutter cleaning can be a dangerous and difficult task if you don’t have the right tools and experience. Rather than dealing with the frustrations yourself, let the gutter cleaning experts handle it for you.

We’ll make sure to remove all loose debris, such as leaves and twigs, from the gutters so your gutters will be fully functioning once we’re done with the job!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee you won’t find a more knowledgeable gutter cleaning company around. We want to not only make your gutters look great, but also make sure that your home is protected by them working properly.

Call us today for a free gutter cleaning quote. Our customers are our number one priority.

How often should I clean my rain gutters?

Typically, rain gutters should be cleaned and inspected at least once a year, or every six months if your property is surrounded by tall trees or exposed to wind-driven debris. When rain gutters are not properly maintained leaves and other debris prevent rainwater to flow in the right direction. While cleaning your gutter could seem like an insignificant task, it can lead to costly damages if they are left clogged without proper treatment. This is one chore that shouldn’t be put off for too long.

Why are clogged rain gutters such a big problem?

Problem #1: Overflowing water damage to walls, fascia board, roof, patios, basement, and other unexpected and unprepared areas.  As the result, there might be water intrusion and leaking inside your house or building. In addition, overflowing water can cause unsightly staining, mold growth, rotting and cracking of the exterior of the home.

Problem #2: Gutter damage and potential collapse. During heavy rains, the water directed to rain gutters has no place to go if they are not functioning properly. That water together with accumulated dirt, leaves, and debris adds extra weight and can bend your gutters or totally detach them from the roof.

Problem #3: Clogged gutters provide food, moisture and a protected area for insects and rodents. The perfect breeding and living environment for these pests. The nests built by these insects and rodents also cause a major clogging problem. Eventually with such close access to the roof they will make their way inside the home causing more damage and costing you more money down the road.

Why choose AJs Gutters for gutter cleaning and repairs?

Not all gutter systems are created equal. Whether you’re replacing existing gutters or adding them to your house there are many benefits to using seamless gutters.


With over 28 years of experience and 60,000+ completed projects we know how to properly repair any gutter problem.

High Quality Materials

A.J.’s Seamless Gutters only offers the best of the best when it comes to your custom gutter installation and repair. We don’t cut corners, giving you the most bang for your buck.


Repaired” can mean different things to different gutter companies. When we repair gutters we make them look better than when you first got them installed.

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