Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!  Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!

Rain Gutter Specs

Specs for Rain Gutter Installation in the Greater Houston Are

Rain Gutters Specs for Gutters Installation in Greater Houston Area Quick before it starts raining again! Find out now about a “seamless” rain guttering system custom designed for your home! Advantages offered by A.J.’S Seamless Gutters include:

  • Baked-on enamel finish never needs painting with over 30 rain gutter colors to compliment your home’s trim color.
  • We eliminate unsightly seams reducing the possibility of leaks and no sagging because we attach your gutter with hidden hangers and 1 1/2″ Screws.
  • The gutter is formed on the job site in our “factory on wheels” with most jobs completed in one day.
  • Installation is completed by our own specially trained crews.
  • We are a growing business with over twenty years of experience to serve you. 

Materials and Installation Specifications:


The gutter material is a 3105 Aluminum Alloy (.027 gauge); that has H-15 Tensile strength. All pre-painted products come with a manufacturer’s warranty against blistering, peeling and/or flaking. Also available in 26 gauge Galvalume and 16oz Copper. Inside/Outside miters are machine stamped parts. They are secured to the gutter with 1/2″ pre-painted screws. Gutters are secured to the fascia with manufactured stamped hardened Aluminum hidden hanger placed approximately 3′ centers, with 1 1/2″ wood grip screws. DRIP-EDGE: 1 1/2 x 1 1/2 is recommended; it will prevent water from leaking behind the gutters and causing the fascia boards to rot. ALUMINUM CLIPS: Aluminum support clips are made from gutter coil .027 gauge; that has H-15 Tensile strength, placed behind hidden hangers as needed. This is recommended to keep the gutters from sagging back into the fascia boards. Also available in 26 gauge Galvalume and 16oz Copper.

HALF ROUND HANGERS Click here to view our PDF of half round hangers DOWNSPOUT & ELBOW PRODUCTS All downspouts come in Aluminum, Copper, & Galvalume in sizes of 2×3, 3×4, 4×5, square corrugated. Also available 3” & 4” smooth round downspouts. Custom offsets are available in all sizes for special returns and are generally used for extending past brick ledges or into drains.

Offset “A” Elbow “B” Elbow *Note: Bottom Elbows can be interchanged

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