Gutter Repair In the Houston Area

Need Gutter Repair in Houston , TX and surrounding areas? A.J Gutters  is your local Houston gutter repair company specializing in gutter care services. Call on our gutter repair specialists when you need damaged gutters replaced, or to re-secure loose gutters and downspouts, seal joints or if you need to re-adjust gutters so that they can drain properly.

Gutters are an important part of your structure. They protect the windows, siding, doors and foundation of your home or business. When gutters are properly maintained they will help in re-routing rainwater away from your structure. It’s important to maintain your gutters, once or twice a year to ensure protection as well as prevent any future gutter repairs. For gutter repair in Houston, TX, please get in touch with us today!

What are the signs you need new or replacement gutters for your Houston home?

  • You may need new gutters if you see water leaking from them somewhere other than the downspouts
  • If you have seams because your current gutters are not seamless, they are vulnerable to stress and damage at every joint.  If you notice the hangers failing or debris piling up, you should have them checked for repair or replacement.
  • If you see paint peeling abnormally or windows rotting earlier than you would expect, poor water handling by your current gutter system may be the cause.
  • Does water pool against your foundation or mildew or dampness appear in your basement or crawl space after a rain?  Your gutters may contribute to that problem and should be checked by a professional.