Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!  Celebrating Over 30 Years of Installing Seamless Gutters !!

Leader Heads

The architectural appeal is the most common purpose for the use of Conductor Heads also known as Leader Heads or Scupper Boxes. Scupper boxes are used as a catch basin to help rainwater from the roof, down through to the downspout. Many luxurious homes, historic buildings and churches everywhere use leader heads mostly for decoration purposes. We offer a wide variety from design to size of the scupper box. Conductor heads add the perfect finishing touch to a well-installed gutter system. At A.J.’s our conductor heads are available in the following materials:

  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Lead Coated Copper
  • Pre-Weather Zinc
  • 26 ga. paint grip steel

Leader heads are easily mounted on brick or stone using mortar plugs, and on wood using stainless steel screws and is directly attached to a downspout which allows water drainage out to a desired location. In addition a leader head downspout system can protect the side of the home or building structure from becoming damaged by a consistent flow of draining water. As a result, architects create leader heads in a variety of designs, colors and materials. The creative design can completely change the exterior appearance of the building structure or residential home. Today, leader heads add aesthetic quality and dramatic visual impact to the structure’s exterior.

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